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Abdul Muhammad II

Abdul Muhammad II brings over 20 years of experience as a Brand Growth Strategist,

Digital Marketer, Executive Coach, Speaker, and Mindfulness Facilitator.

As MDM Ventures’ Founder and Chief Growth Officer, he specializes in business and

personal growth. MDM's “People, Brand, and Tech” focuses on SMB’s dedicated to

social impact within the health and wellness, travel and tourism, entertainment, and

financial technology industries.

Previously as Partner and Chief Digital Officer for rbb Communications and Director of

Social Marketing for Zimmerman Advertising, Abdul directed client accounts for Apple

Leisure Group, Brown & Brown Insurance, DHL Express, Facebook, White Castle, Pep

Boys, Saks 5th Avenue, and Party City. His team continually produced nationally

recognized, award-winning digital marketing campaigns.

For nearly 30 years, Abdul has championed the Quality Life Center of Southwest

Florida, an organization that provides at-risk children with the tools they need to make a

difference in Arts, Character, and Education (ACE); with new and expanded programs

for community engagement including mental health and wellness, entrepreneurship and

workforce development make up the 3-tiers of QLC’s mission.

Over the last decade, Abdul intertwined his dedication to mindset, community, and

consciousness into his daily lifestyle. As a certified “Breathwork Coach”, martial artist,

and yogi, he delivers a unique Mind Development Mastery practice that provides a

transformative lifestyle resource for those seeking personal and professional growth via

mindfulness. He is a partner and Chief Growth Officer for leading

advocacy and the delivery of mental health and wellness services led by melanated


Creatively integrating his passion for music and social activism, he co-founded

ReadyMade Entertainment (RME), a tech company and lifestyle brand that leverages

Blockchain technology as exclusive NFT accessed experiences. RME is committed to

teaching youth about mindfulness, financial literacy, and building generational wealth as

access to freedom. A portion of all they make go to the nonprofit, Quality Life Center, to

educate the youth and reduce violence, and drug dealing.

Abdul Muhammad II
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