Eric Wilson, Sr


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Eric is a dynamic leader skilled in impactful stories, mentorship and

fatherhood. Eric is a son, father, husband, grandfather, great-grandfather,

author, and inspirational speaker.

Eric placed 2nd in the 2001 Toastmasters International Speaking Contest. He is the Founder/CEO of Men With Mantles Ministries established in 2015. He along with his lovely wife

(ArLene), are co-authors in two anthologies; You are Unstoppable; It’s Never To Late” curated by Terrence Leftridge; and “Masters Of Marriage” A Relational Devotional For Couples curated

by Wes & Neesha Stringfellow pastors Heartlife Ministries.

Eric’s mission is to inspire young men that being fatherless is not the end of the road, but a crossroad. Being fatherless, Eric wants to teach young men to speak and awaken the man within them to be who they are designed and created to be. Impress upon them how to understand that the decisions you make now as a youth, cultivates the growth of maturity into manhood and fatherhood. Lastly, how to create a circle of power that will stand the test of time and adversities to come. This way you don’t have to let your past dictate your future endeavors.

Eric has over 38 years experience in trucking and transportation in varies areas. A detached

retina caused his trucking career as a driver to end; but never ended his dream to pour back

into the industry in a different area. He is now taking that experience and launching his own

business as a freight broker. He is still on a journey of giving back to driver to receive the

service, finances and resources they need so they do not have to experience being taken

advantage of while providing for their families being on the road. Eric has experienced a lot of

hardships in life; but it has not stopped him from learning and now giving back to those that

need what he has learned; showing how important they are in this world.

Eric Wilson, Sr