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Ken Rochon

Ken is a renaissance man, humanitarian, and an accomplished serial entrepreneur, established his successes with The Umbrella Syndicate, Perfect Publishing, & Absolute Entertainment. He is a Social Proof Celebrity Event Photographer, International Keynote Speaker, and Published Author of 26+ books. He is the Co-Founder of the non-profit organization “The Keep Smiling Movement,” a radio host on Voice America Influencer Channel, and has been honored as “America’s Most Influential Business Connector” and “Entrepreneur of the Year.” 


Ken’s focus is supporting and promoting great leaders, authors, and speakers. He helps businesses grow using “Amplification” strategies in their event and product campaigns. His company gets over 100,000 clicks and engagements a week, making it one of the most active social media pages. He has exceeded one thousand (1000) 5-star reviews making him one of the most recommended businesses worldwide. 


He loves the arts and sciences, and he has traveled to over 100 countries. His favorite place to be is with his son Kenny aka ‘K3’, the light of his life. Ken, who lost his mother to Alzheimer’s, desires to live a life of purpose where he leaves a legacy of love for his son to model.

Ken Rochon
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