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Stacey Le Bon

Stacey Le Bon is a transformational strategist, intuitive energy worker, singer-songwriter and speaker. As owner and master designer of her business, Le Bon Life by Design, Stacey travels deep into the energetic patterns of her clients and crafts a strategy on assisting them to living their best life! Her platform is focused on the 5 key values of Le Bon and what living THE GOOD LIFE can help to unlock.

1. Love First, Love Always

2. Energize your Mind, Body and Spirit

3. Believe in Yourself and Be Present

4. Overcome and Organize Obstacles

5. Never Give Up. Be Unstoppable

As a speaker, Stacey takes your audience on her personal journey through her own patterns of unworthiness, abandonment, and struggle and into a place of Grace, Freedom, and Peace.

Stacey has developed a system that breaks apart subconscious patterns and strategically transforms them into a place of victory and freedom. Inspiring change and healing on a massive scale, Stacey has a deep conviction to speak to the hearts of anyone looking for support along their healing journey. Stacey believes that we are powerful co-creators of our life, and we can truly create “The Good Life”, by design.

Stacey Le Bon
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