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Tommy Morgan

Tommy Morgan was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois and raised in University Park. Straight out of High

School he enlisted in the United States Air Force as a parachute packing specialist and decided to make it a career. He retired from United States Air Force after serving 20 amazing years on September 1st 2021.

While serving, Tommy found his passion in fitness through seeing how much influence he’s had on

bettering the lives of others through training and encouragement. Tommy is an ISSA Certified Personal

Trainer and Nutritionist with a Master Life Coach Certification. He’s participated in 6 fitness

competitions, which culminated in him winning the Men's Physique Overall Award at The NPC Midwest Naturals August 2020 Bodybuilding competition. He’s played numerous sports such as Football,

Baseball, and Basketball. All of Tommy’s past experiences proved that he has an unmatched talent in

leadership, and helping to bring out the best in people. He truly believes that we are all unique

individuals and that we each have a unique talent inside of us. He stands firm in knowing that each

experience we encounter, good or bad, can help us identify, activate and tap into those unique talents.

Tommy Morgan
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