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Thurs June 27, 2024

Free Networking event with Amplifulence 5PM 

Fri June 28, 2024


7PM-10:30PM Party

Featured Speakers

Andy Nam

Kenya Krafts

Heather Dawn

Andrea Luzon

James Love

Phinehas Kinuthia

Lunch Out

Loren Micheals Harris

Kevin Wilson

Break Out Teaching Sessions with 

Prentice Ahmad

Kevin WIlson

Terrance Leftridge


Celebration You Party

Food Served

Comedian Jeremy Nunes

Music by Michelle Mras



Sat June 29, 2024


Featured Speakers

Prentice Ahmad

John E. Avocado

Isabel Black

Michelle Mras

Lunch Provided


Chuck Doyle AKA Coffee Cup Chuck

Brenda RIng Wood

Key Note Cicone Prince

Phinehas Kinuthia

Terrance Leftridge

Robert Landau

Regina Platt

Charlette White

Schedule subject to change

Schedule subject to change

Schedule subject to change

Get Inspired & Overcome Challenges


Some days can be a struggle. But if you want success, better sales, a different career, a happy life, to be your own boss, or if you love what you do and want to do it better, come hear life-changing stories and speakers that will help you to do just that!

Is fear holding you back? Don’t let fear stop you from attaining your dreams. Are other opinions stopping you in your tracks? Don’t let others hold you back from a life that you want. This conference is designed to help you overcome your challenges.

About the Conference

Break through any limitation, overcome any challenge, and create the quality of life you desire. You are what you do. What are you doing? Are you striving to become better? Are you attempting to overcome? Are you seeking to be challenged?

Develop a strong personal support system using your core values and proven  principles. Recognize the signs of personal busyness, being overwhelmed, and isolated. Join us and hear these stories that will: Show you how to get unstuck!  Don’t stay stuck, don’t let life lead you. Lead your life. Do what will set your soul on fire. Come and listen to the speakers share how they broke free from things in their lives that were holding them back and how they moved forward. It may seem scary at first, but what’s waiting on the other side just might be your miracle. Let this three-day motivational weekend light your fire!

The Benefits
• Hear speakers share their life-changing experiences
• Offering space to create intention and have more clarity. Are you looking for a new career? A lifestyle change?

Do you have a dream you would like to see become a reality? Come rub elbows with some of the country’s elite speakers, comedians, and authors! Hear how they achieved success and let them share their secrets with you! Change…. your….mindset!


Black Tie Party

Break out Teaching Sessions

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so you can work towards BECOMING THE BETTER "YOU"

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