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BECOMING THE BETTER "YOU"   Business Extravaganza

Sun Jan 14-18 2024

Join Facilitators:
Brenda Ring Wood
Terrance Leftridge
and Anthony Rosario

For this amazing Retreat

Limited to 12 People
This is a retreat not an event.
You will be learning from the best.  Living among the millionaires for 4 days.  3 Spots open to share a villa with one of the millionaires.

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A BTBY Business Extravaganza 

Live with millionaires for 4 days! 

3 Millionaires and a coach for 4 days

and a special appearance by a

4th Millionaire 


All-inclusive business retreat with top professionals in the country.  Learn from David Elachar (Big Bob), Shawn Greeves, Kevin Wilson. Increase your sales, learn how to market your business to the right audience, and learn how to be a better leader.  Learn to discover your passion and your skill set and hone in on what you do best.  The event includes food, lodging and all classes for 4 days.   Airfare is not included and this is a limited attendance retreat. This is a retreat not a conference.  It will be small group teaching and training. Living for 4 days with a millionaire team on the beach in Florida!

Isaac Wambua - Business and Leadership Coach

Kevin Wilson - The millionare next door.  Plan and Execute.  

Shawn Greeves- Real Estate Guru and Sales Expert.  

Isaac Wambua - Business and Leadership Coach.

Mark Lukes - Mergers and Acquisition Specialist


Lodging, Food, Activities, Workshops, Excursions, Coaching, Business advice, Sessions and more are all inclusive in your price.  

Notebook and Pen

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so you can work towards BECOMING THE BETTER "YOU"

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